Special transformers, since 1964

Since 1964 We constantly commit to producing the highest quality transformers, yearly improving our productive proposal and offering the best dedicated and whole service. We strongly aim to keep going on this path and keep supporting our Customers during the entire life cycle of our products and even more than that.
  • 1964
    Artisanal lab

    Celme borns as a tiny artisanal lab based in North of Italy, operating as contractor for the historical Company Officine Pellizzari, based in Arzignano.


  • 1966
    First transformer

    Celme starts its own transformers production

    First transformer

  • 1974
    new plant

    Establishment in the new plant of 3500m2 indoor and more than 37000m2 outdoor

  • 1976
    cooperation with Tecnomasio Brown Boveri

    Signing the agreement with Tecnomasio Brown Boveri for large scale production of distribution transformers addressed to Italian market

    cooperation with Tecnomasio Brown Boveri

  • 1977
    enel qualification

    the company gains Enel omologation on distribution transformers, in synergy with Tecnomasio Brown Boveri.

  • 1981
    Enel qualification

    after the successfull cooperation with Tecnomasio, Celme gains Enel approval extended to Enel’s whole range of distribution transformers

    Enel qualification

  • 1994
    ISO 9001

    Obtaining ISO of 9001 certification

  • 2002
    50.000 transformers

    more than 50.00 transformers manufactured

    si supera il traguardo dei 50.000 trasformatori prodotti

    50.000 transformers

  • 2007
    new industrial complex

    Moving on a new plant located in a strategic industrial area to improve efficiency of its whole production activities

  • 2010
    1GW installed in photovoltaic

    Celme supplied more than one gigawatt of transformers for solar application

    1GW installed in photovoltaic

  • 2011
    48 pulse transformer

    Manufacturing of the first 48 impulse transformer for a more than 20MW conversion plant

  • 2012
    63 MVA e 170 KV

    Celme points its productive range up to 63MVA and 170kV

    63 MVA e 170 KV

  • 2013 ISO 9001 e ISO 14001

    Achievement of ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 certifications issued by Bureau Veritas

  • 2013
    short circuit withstand

    Successful performance of short-circuit withstand on 14MVA 33/11 KV transformer at CESI insitute on May, 2013

    short circuit withstand

  • 2014
    new testing room

    Celme completes its testing room refurbishment, adding to the existing one a new part suitable for testing power transformers up to 170kV

  • 2016
    12MVA 132/6.6kV

    Dispatching of 12MVA 132/6.6kV fitted with on-load tap changer

    12MVA 132/6.6kV

  • 2017
    500MVA in Mexico

    Celme exceeds 500MVA installed in Mexico

  • 2021

    Celme is the first Italian manufacturer of medium voltage transformers to be UL certified.


  • 2023

    The short-circuit dynamic withstand test was successfully performed at the Siemens Energy laboratory (SVEPPI) on a 4.6MVA 34.5/0.69kV transformer.